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2010-08-20 08:10:42 by zizou98

I found the folder! woot!



2010-08-19 16:16:00 by zizou98

MY NEWGROUNDS FOLDER..... IT WENT POOF. All the work announced in the previous post.... :(
you must wait more for the stuff to come.


2010-08-13 13:21:36 by zizou98

Yea yea yea!!! I'm working on a lot of flashes that are going to come out, sooner or later. The first one is called the waffle game. Not really a game, but it's a stupid lil' gadget. Next, Papercraft. It's basically an animation, about a little stick guy on a piece of paper. I am going to make it like, about 10 minutes long. About. Maybe. Next, the impossible game is coming out! This actually IS a game! Yippee Ya Yo Ka Yay! Well.... It's kinda like a quiz, but I'm gonna make some gameish things in it. YaAAAaAaaaAy! Yuppiez. Now here come the maybes. MAYBE I'm gonna make Jubbie, the game. It's gonna be a point-and-click adventure. FUN! Then, MAYBE I'm gonna make a beatemup called Guyguy arena. Yes, I AM thinking big (MASTODONTICAL is a more appropriate word) for being a newbie programmer. But hopefully, after hours of internet guides, I'll make it ;D

First post, first flash

2010-06-30 19:17:39 by zizou98

O hai..... Just wanted to say that I made my first flash animation, cleverly entitled 'Jubbie'. It quite sucks. Oh well. Better luck next time :D